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I have spent many, many hours talking to musicians. Some living the dream, and some…well, not so much. But what every performing artist has in common, and what continuously draws me to them, is their passion for their art. They never get away from it, nor do they want to. They will sacrifice almost anything for their music. They wake up thinking about it, and they fall asleep thinking about it. They eat thinking about it, and dream about it with every breath. They live their music. And I honestly love that about them. I love their drive and their love for what they do.

For that reason I have committed to devoting my professional life to coaching performing artists and providing them with the support they need to achieve those dreams they so passionately chase.  As life has lead me to evolve into this new focus (and it isn’t really that new…I’ve been doing it for over 20 years, but I’ve just never put a label on it and devoted full time energy to it), I have made some changes to the Highway 2 Success website and to the services it provides.  As I prepare to be back on the air on Indie104 with what is now going to be the “It’s a Crazy World” radio talk show, I am talking to performing artists to find out what they feel is most important to them on the show, and what they most want from me.

So to that end, this week I posted an article on my website that I hope will help readers to define what their vision really is, why they need to define it, what the difference is between having a goal and having a vision, and how to take the steps to make the vision become a reality.  This is something that I feel is one of the most important things one needs to understand in order to really achieve success.  In the very near future I will add additional tools to the website that will help readers to learn how to put all of this information into practice.  So please check out the website, read the article I just posted (“Defining Your Vision“) and please feel free to comment with questions, suggestions, and comments!  I’d love to hear from you.  And visit often, as I will be adding new information to the website on a regular basis that I hope will really inspire my readers and help them to find the strength and support they need as they reach for the stars!

I hope you enjoy our new website and soon-to-be-aired radio show!

God bless,

Cynthia McIntosh
Highway 2 Success



Check it Out! New format, New look!

So we have news!  BIG news!  We are ready to get back on the air by the first week in August!  It’s been WAY too long, and we are really excited about rejoining the Indie104 family and our listeners!

But as good as that news is, we have even BIGGER news!!!  Not only will Highway 2 Success be back on the air, but we have an incredibly exciting, brand new format.  We have found over the many years that we have been working with performing artists around the world that many of them just really enjoy having us there to discuss the unique challenges of the music industry and the lifestyle of the performing artist of today.  The industry is changing on a daily basis, the stresses of every day life for the performer is are increasing as technology increases the demands on them.  And often they just need someone like our own Cynthia McIntosh to sit down and help them figure it all out.  So we have created a whole new program that focuses on providing coaching for the performing artist of today!  Cynthia will be bringing on guests and talking about all the craziness of the industry and its lifestyle in a fun and entertaining way, while at the same time offering support to our indie musicians out there who are fighting their way up the road to success.

So keep an eye and ear out for our brand new show “It’s a Crazy World” on Indie104 scheduled to begin airing this August!  Exact times and dates to be announced in the very near future.

In the meantime, check out our brand new website at  It has a whole new look, information on the new show, and will soon have many resources that we hope  will inspire you to greatness!!!

God bless, and we will “see” you soon on Indie104!


The Highway 2 Success team